College of Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship FAQ


How does the scholarship process work?

The College of Engineering downloads student data from the University for all undergraduate students admitted to the College of Engineering and those intending to major in engineering, computer science or construction management. That data is then uploaded into the COE Scholarship Database, which is used to create your student profile. Selection committee’s from each department and the College will select students for scholarships using information in the student profile as well as additional documents that are uploaded to your student profile. The awarding period will typically last for a period of two months, starting with the fourteenth class day. Scholarships are awarded one semester at a time.

How do I access the student portal of the database?

The student portal can be found at

When may I update my student profile in the Online Application System?

You will receive notification by email when the awarding cycle opens. At that time, you may log into the system and upload your information.

Do I need to update my profile each semester?

Yes, it is advisable that you update your profile each semester, since documents attached to your profile expire at the end of each awarding cycle.

Who do I contact if I cannot access the Online Application System?

If you have trouble accessing the College of Engineering’s Online Application System, please send an email to and include your PAWS ID.

Do I need to fill out separate applications for each scholarship?

No. The Online Application System will consider your information for all scholarships for which you are eligible.

Can I send my application by email?

No. The LSU College of Engineering will not accept emailed applications or documents.

Are any students not eligible for scholarships?

Yes, part time students, students pursing a second undergraduate degree or those classified as re-enrollees are not eligible to receive scholarships based on University policy.


What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement briefly describes your financial need, background information, or any other information you want to provide that may be considered in awarding scholarships. It is also an opportunity to explain circumstances that are not evident in the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA form.

What is a Work Verification Letter?

This is a document from your supervisor stating the company/agency you are employed by and your average hours worked per week. The letter must be signed by your supervisor and should list a specific number of hours worked per week. A new letter is required each semester for full consideration of all Engineering scholarships.

Do you need a copy of my FAFSA or tax forms?

No. We retrieve and confirm this with LSU Student and Financial Aid.

Should I attach my resume?

Attaching a resume to your scholarship application is strongly recommended, but it is not mandatory.

Who can write my letters of recommendation?

People who are most familiar with your academic and work qualities and goals should write your letters of recommendation. These people can include college instructors, faculty/staff advisors of organizations you below to, work supervisors, and/or mentors.

Will I need to submit additional information after completing the Online application?

It is possible some scholarships may require certain documentation or more detailed essays. You will be contacted by email if that is needed.


When will I know if I received a scholarship?

You will be notified by email if you are chosen to receive a scholarship. Please check your spam folder; the email may be dropped into your junk mail.

Will I need to write a thank you note?

Yes. As a scholarship recipient, you are required to fill out a scholarship recipient survey and write a thank you note to the donor who funded your scholarship. A specific donor name will be provided to you in a separate email after you receive confirmation of your scholarship. If you do not write a thank you note and fill out the required scholarship recipient profile, it is highly likely that you will be ineligible to receive future scholarships, and the College of Engineering reserves the right to revoke your scholarship.

How do I receive the cash award of the scholarship?

If you are selected for a scholarship, the award amount will be deposited into your Bursar account by the end of the awarding period for that semester. It will be applied to any remaining balance with the Bursar. If you have no balance, the award amount will be sent to you either by check or direct deposit from the Bursar.

Who do I contact if I don’t receive my award amount?

If you haven’t received your award amount by the end of the awarding period (Fall, Oct 31st; Spring, March 31st) please send an email to